Shock and disgust at proposal to charge for hospital food

Extra charges to eat?
Extra charges to eat?

Consumer groups are up in arms over proposals from several regional governments to force patients to pay for hospital food to help cut healthcare costs.

Spain’s regions are struggling under huge debt and tightened spending and are seeking ways to cut expenditure and asking patients to contribute towards the cost of hospital food is just one suggestion being put forward. The regions that have suggested this are Cataluña, Galicia, Valencia and Castilla-La Mancha.

The estimated average cost of patient board in Spain’s public hospitals is 24€ per patient per day. The proposal would see patients pay a portion of this cost based on their income.

Artur Mas, president of Cataluña suggested in early April that the prime minister implement the measure across the country but the government did not include the plan in the healthcare reforms outlined last month. So far Cataluña has not implemented the charge. However, it has said it is now considering introducing a fee of 5€ per patient per day in hospital.

This is an absolute disgrace. What do people pay social security for?


One thought on “Shock and disgust at proposal to charge for hospital food

  1. DQ

    a disgrace it is!!! disgusting and ridiculous come to mind as well!

    and, if they are in the hospital, they’re not working, so how will THAT affect the situation??

    morons, complete morons.



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