Four days in – protesters staying put

Spanish Indignados
Protests into their fourth day

A year after their first protest in Madrid, the Indignants took to the streets to protest the austerity measures introduced by Mariano Rajoy’s Partido Popular.

The protests are now into their fourth day with many people still gathering to lend support.

On Tuesday morning up to 300 people protested along the river bank in Madrid with the carnival atmosphere still holding. Musicians and other performers kept the protesters entertained on a warm spring day with many protesters enjoying “al fresco” dining (picnics).

It wasn’t all jugglers and tortilla though and as protesters moved to Puerta del Sol to celebrate the anniversary of the indignados, they were met by 40 police vans blocking the route.

A few arrests were made taking the total since Sunday to 28. Only three people were injured and two of them were police officers, allegedly hit by stones thrown by protesters.

The regional government of Madrid congratulated police for what it described as “faultless behaviour” during the protests despite repeated complaints from protesters of heavy handedness from the police.