Spain “upset” over Prince Edward visit to Gibraltar

The Earl and Countess of Wessex
The Prince and his wife will visit Gibraltar in June

Spain has made an official complaint to Britain over Prince Edward’s plans to spend three days in Gibraltar next month to mark the Queen’s Diamond Jubliee.

British Ambassador Giles Paxman was told that Spanish officials are “upset and unhappy” about the visit. However, Spanish officials denied Paxman’s claim that he had been summoned to the Foreign Ministry in Madrid.

Andrew Rosindell, chairman of the Overseas Territories All-Party Parliamentary Group, said Gibraltar may be close to Spain “but it is not Spanish and its people do not want to be Spanish.

“Members of the Royal Family are perfectly entitled to go to any of Her Majesty’s territories in any part of the world whenever they want. I thought Spain had grown up.”

A spokesman for the foreign office said the subject had been raised during a scheduled meeting between the British diplomat and Santiago Cabanas Ansorena, Foreign Policy Director.

In a statement Spain’s foreign office said that “In the course of their conversation and among other subjects, Mr Cabanas Ansorena took the opportunity to express his government’s upset and unhappiness over the visit by the Earl and Countess of Wessex to Gibraltar between June 11 and 13.”

I have to wonder why Spain would be upset about the visit. Have they not got more important things to worry about, like highest the unemployment in the developed world?


6 thoughts on “Spain “upset” over Prince Edward visit to Gibraltar

  1. DQ

    Ok, is this a prank?? lol Why would someone visiting Gibralter be any of Spain’s business?? THAT is ridiculous! Don’t they have enough to worry about with their own crappy economy without concerning themselves with visitors to Gibralter?

    Mr Cabanas Ansorena apparently has too much time on his hands — someone get him a broom so he can clean up Spain’s economy please!! LMAO!



    1. DQ

      Gibraltar may be close to Spain “but it is not Spanish and its people do not want to be Spanish.

      Nuff said. Get a life Ansorena!


      1. Hey DQ,

        Spain still think Gibraltar is theirs, that’s why. This has been going on for years and years. However, ask Spain about their “colonies” in North Africa (Ceuta and Melilla). Will they hand them back? Haha.. no! So, hand’s of Gibraltar!


  2. Mai

    Spain is upset? I thinks somebody made this up… I’m Spanish and I had no idea of this visit… and I don’t mind at all. I mean, it’s not on the news and nobody is talking about this, so what?

    1. Hi Mai,

      Spaniards generally may not be upset about it but it seems some officials are – upset enough to make an official complaint!

      So as a Spaniard, what is your opinion on the sovereignty of Gibraltar? Are you happy to see the government spending time and money on this?

      It is on the news, this is a news website and it’s on here 😉

      Thanks for taking the time to comment!


      1. DQ

        I agree with Mai, I am willing to bet it’s not the people of Spain, but the politicians of Spain who have too much time on their hands….


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