Connery on the run

Sean Connery
Shaken, and stirred!

Ok, he’s not actually on the run but the former James Bond, Sean Connery, is wanted in Spain to answer questions over an alleged money laundering operation.

The 80 year old actor has been summonsed by the courts in Marbella who have been waiting for 18 months to put their questions to Mr Connery who claimed ill health when ordered to court in October 2010.

The case relates to the sale of the Connery’s Marbella villa ‘Malibu’ and the participation of companies linked to them and to the sale, following a complaint submitted to the anti-corruption prosecutor in 2006.

Marbella Town Hall claims to have lost out on 2.7 million euros from the deal which allegedly generated profits of 53 million euros after 72 luxury apartments were constructed on the site where the villa stood.

It is alleged that the actor and his wife, who will also be required to attend court, transferred up to 37 million euros abroad thus avoiding tax obligations in Spain.

Communication was sent to the Connery’s home in the Bahamas saying that “all legal measures, both in national and international legislation would be used” to force them to give evidence in court, El Pais reported.


2 thoughts on “Connery on the run

  1. DQ

    Bond. James Bond. They will never take him alive!!!! Blast that Goldfinger!!!

    (cue the theme song)

    I can’t imagine Sean Connery participating in money laundering, that’s ridiculous. And I’m pretty darn sure they won’t extradite him from the Bahamas lol

    I’m not so sure he’s the one that’s “shaken & stirred” in this deal lol

    (I’ll have one (or two) really dirty gin martinis with alot of olives please….shaken NOT stirred 😉


    1. Hola DQ,

      I sort of agree with you. I can’t help thinking though, if he has nothing to hide and has done nothing wrong why not come and explain himself? He’s had 18 months!

      People who make excuses and try to wiggle out of things are usually guilty of something, in my opinion!


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