High-speed train ticket prices increase

Renfe announce price increases
Prices will increase above inflation

Despite harsh economic conditions rail operators are to increase ticket prices for the AVE (high speed train) and also for long-distance trains which run on the regular network.

The increase will be 2.75% on average, but some journeys will increase by as much as 3%, well above the current rate of inflation (1.9%).

The increase is to be applied “immediately” in most cases, with all increases applied by May 15th. The increases are however subject to approval by the company’s board.

These new ticket prices follow an increase to high-speed rail tickets of 10.9% for local and regional journeys, which came into force earlier this month and which were the biggest single increase the industry has seen in recent times.

The prices will increase above inflation and also above last years increase of 2.3%. However, it is lower than the 4% increase applied to high-speed trains in both 2009 and 2010.

The extra income generated by the price rises will translate into approximately 20 million euros of extra revenue for Renfe.

Although the country is in it’s second recession in as many years the number of travellers still paying to use Spain’s railway network is increasing. The long-distance and high-speed trains carried 22.83 million passengers in 2011 representing a 2.9% increase over 2010, and the first increase in passenger numbers since 2008.