Consumer confidence down in April

Consumer confidence is down
Consumer confidence is down

A survey carried out by the Centre for Sociological Research (CIS) shows that consumer confidence in Spain fell by 13.4 points in April, compared to the previous month. It is one of the worst drops in confidence since records began in 2004.

Despite low confidence, 2.8% of survey respondents said they intend to purchase a property in 2013, while 96.6% said they would not be buying a home next year, leaving 0.6% undecided.

However, 43.2% of respondents believe house prices will continue to fall this year, and into 2013. A further 45.6% believe that prices will remain the same, while 5.3% think prices will begin to rise.

Of those that took part in the survey 79.2% think the current situation in Spain is worse than it was six months ago, while 3% think it has improved, reported

With unemployment currently at 24.4%, the highest in Europe, 55.4% of those surveyed think that there will be fewer jobs available six months from now, echoing prime minister Mariano Rajoy’s prediction that unemployment would increase further this year.