Unemployment fell in April

The number of jobless in Spain fell in April for the first time in nine months, according to figures released today by the Labour Ministry.

The number of people registering for unemployment benefit fell by 6,632 to 4.74 million. This follows an increase of 38,769 in the previous month.

However, these figures are some way off those provided by the National Statistics Institute last month. Their report put the number of unemployed at 5,639,500, almost a million more than today’s figure.

Many are putting the decline down to the Easter holiday which traditionally attracts thousands of tourists to join in the carnival. This creates extra business for local traders and this creates a need for temporary staff. Also, the summer season is upon us and many temporary jobs are being filled, removing people from the jobless statistics.

However, those temporary jobs are often paid in cash while the employee remains registered as unemployed creating misleading figures.

It’s nice to see some good news about Spain but I will wait to see what the National Statistics Institute has to say in their next report before I get too excited. Their numbers are more widely recognised as accurate and analysts watch them closely.