More protests over cuts in Spain

Protesters hit the streets across Spain
Protesters hit the streets across Spain

As Spain slips back into recession thousands of protesters took to the streets this weekend to oppose cuts to healthcare and education.

The government plans to cut 10 billion euros from the services as part of it’s austerity measures and to enable it to meet it’s deficit targets.

The protests took place under the slogan “Don’t play around with healthcare and education”, with protesters demanding “another way out of the crisis.”

Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy said he had “no alternative” to the cuts if Spain was going to meet it’s targets and recover from it’s economic downturn.

Cayo Lara, from the United Left party, said in Madrid that many protesters believed the government was using the financial crisis as an excuse to sell off public services to the private sector.

Last week, it was announced that Spain was officially in a recession following two months of negative growth. In the same week came the announcement that Spain’s unemployment figure had increased to 24.4% during the first quarter, the highest for 18 years, and the following day the country’s debt rating was downgraded two notches by ratings agency Standard & Poor.

It’s all bad news for Spain at the moment!