Spain in the news – Olympics, fraudsters and Ryanair

Last week I ran a short article covering some of the main stories from around Spain and it seemed to be quite popular so here is another! Spain is in the news because…

Spanish snub Olympics

After the useless system of allocation drew derision from most people in the UK outrage is once again on the cards as thousands of tickets went on sale after Spain admitted it could not sell its allocation.

Tickets for the opening and closing ceremonies, the men’s 100 metres and other high-demand events are now available, but to all EU residents.

Many Brits hoped that the unwanted tickets would be returned to the Olympics committee to sell on to British spectators. But the decision to make them available across the EU is likely to infuriate ticketless Britons who think they should be first in line, and believe the allocation process was unfair from the start.

Why didn’t they sell in Spain? The Spanish are a sporting nation aren’t they?

Fraudster Michael Brown in Spain for extradition

fraudster Michael Brown
Convicted fraudster Michael Brown

Convicted fraudster Michael Brown could remain in Spain for up to six months while the authorities organise his extradition hearing and any appeals presented.

“We’re not likely to see him for six to nine months if he contests the extradition,” said Nigel Richardson, a solicitor who has previously handled the extradition of a British drug suspect from Spain.

Even if the fraudster agrees to the extradition, it could still take a number of weeks to arrange.

“They’ll have an initial hearing and he will indicate if he consents to be deported or not. If yes, the authorities have 21 days to remove him,” Richardson explained.

Glasgow-born Brown, 46, posed as a bond dealer claiming connections with royalty, embezzling an estimated £36m from clients. A former chairman of Manchester United lost £8m to the criminal who lived under the name “Darren Nally” in the Dominican Republic after fleeing the UK in 2008. He was arrested in January after an international manhunt was launched. Police are still hunting for about £18m.

Ryanair to pass on charges to passengers

Ryanair will pass on charges

Ryanair passengers heading to Spain for the summer could be forced to pay additional charges to board their flight, even though they have already paid for their tickets.

As part of Spain’s attempts to increase revenue across the board airport landing fees are facing an increase, which Ryanair says it will not be able to absorb and must pass it on to the passengers.

The budget airline, the leading carrier between the UK and Spain, has notified customers of the possible charge, giving them the option to cancel their flights if they wish.

Although the airline is not breaking the law by passing on the charge they are not likely to be popular with travellers, especially as British Airways have announced that they will absorb the increase.

5 thoughts on “Spain in the news – Olympics, fraudsters and Ryanair

  1. DQ

    1. Good question! Why is Spain snubbing the olympics??? sigh…. another senseless decision?

    2. Keep the drug dealer in jail, thank you — that’s my vote 😉

    3. And, finally, when you advertise a sales price, sell the item, and the passenger/customer shows up to obtain his/her goods/services, YOU DON’T CHANGE THE PRICE! For the love of Pete! That’s called “bait n switch” in Amerika….

    Hoping all have a fabulous day in Costa del Sol 🙂


    1. The funny thing about Ryanair is that it looks like they are alone in passing on the charges as a few other airlines, including BA, have said they will absorb the extra charge. Surprised? Since when did Ryanair care about corporate image or customer service? They care about making money and nothing else. I don’t even think safety is too high on their list – have you seen the state of some of their aircraft???

      I would have a more fabulous day if my neighbour hadn’t driven into my car this morning! Ah well, the summer has arrived and the sun is shining!

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