Málaga at Number 1 for the British

Málaga has been a popular destination for British tourists for as long as I can remember and this year seems to be no different.

Online flight provider SkyScanner reports that Málaga is at number one for the number of flight searches from the UK for 2012 summer flights.

This is a rise of one place from last year when New York (now in ninth position) topped the chart.

Málaga isn’t the only Spanish city proving popular again this year. Despite Faro in Portugal coming in second place, Spain dominates the top seven with Alicante at number three, followed by Palma de Mallorca in fourth. Tenerife, Ibiza and Barcelona complete the top seven.

Over the last three years Spain has consistently topped SkyScanners chart of popular searhes. In 2011 Málaga maintained it’s position as the most searched for city from the UK.

This comes as experts predict an increase in airport charges will damage tourist numbers in Spain this year.