Costa del Sol still popular with Expats

malaga airport
More arrivals than departures

During 2011 reports say more EU citizens moved to the Costa del Sol than left it.

Despite many reports that there had been a mass exodus of expats from the region official figures prove this is not the case.

Many people did leave the region last year; 1,820 EU citizens and 5,250 South Americans left the country in 2011.

However, 8,445 EU citizens relocated to the Málaga province, as well as 2,495 from South America and 2,873 from Africa – a total of 13,813 new expats deciding to make their home on the Costa del Sol.

According to the Instituto Nacional Estadisticas (INE) of the total departures from the region only 2,414 were Spanish.

So while almost 13,000 people left the region, over 13,000 arrived ensuring the number of expats in the region remained reasonable stable, and rubbishing reports of mass departures.