Anger over Kings hunting trip

Target Press/Barcroft Media
The King poses with his $15,000 prize

While the rest of Spain wallow under a mountain of unpaid debts, rising unemployment and unprecedented public debt King Juan Carlos of Spain has decided now would be a good time to spend $24,000 on an elephant hunting trip to Botswana.

The 74-year-old monarch was plastered over the pages of Spanish newspapers posing proudly in front of a dead elephant. The photograph came from the website of Botswana-based Rann Safaris, but had been taken down by Sunday.

A hunting safari with the company costs from $8,700 per week. A further $15,000 is payable to kill an elephant. That’s what an elephants life costs is it?

The owner of the company, Jeff Rann says “You have to manage the world’s animal populations, to their betterment,”

“We are trying to improve their habitat.” – by killing them for profit? How does that help them?

The trip, described as private by officials has prompted a storm of protests from animal rights groups and others demanding to know how much the trip cost.

This is not the first time the King has been in trouble for killing innocent defenceless animals. Six years ago allegations surfaced that the king had shot a drunken Russian bear that had been plied with honey and vodka. This was laughed off as ridiculous by officials. It seems the royal family would be better off staying away from guns. The king shot and killed his brother in an accident when he was a teenager and recently his 13 year old grandson shot himself in the foot with a weapon he was not legally old enough to use.