Spanish Mortgage Update – April 2012

The early months of 2012 has seen little by way of good news on both the purchase and mortgage side in Spain.

For the second quarter margins above Euribor which have seen increases across the board early in the New Year do at least seem to have stabilized. No Bank has increased its margins since the cheap ECB funds were made available. Euribor itself has dropped to 1.49% for April making average overall rates in the region of 4.5%.

Mortgages are still available and for some Banks their focus is now on the nonresident market as for the first time in history non residents are seen as a lower risk than residents.

Under pressure from the Government and following changes in legislation Banks are now being forced to more accurately assess the value of stock on their balance sheet and we have started to see much more realistic pricing of Bank stock.

Most Banks have stated over the last few days that they have budgeted to sell double the number of properties in 2012 in comparison to 2011 and discounts and special mortgage terms will reflect this. Whilst this may not be good news for private sellers as the Bank are the agent and the supplier of the funds, recovery will only happen fully when the Banks have shed their surplus stock.

Whilst possibly painful this process must take place before both the mortgage market and the property market can start to move forward.

Buyers considering buying bank stock with a mortgage from the Bank should always ensure they still obtain independent advice for both finance and legalities buying from a Bank does not mean you can assume everything is in order.

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