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My father has finally finished his first novel so what kind of son would I be if I didn’t use this space to plug it!

So, introducing a thriller by David M. Wynn.

A Small Betrayal
A Small Betrayal

A Small Betrayal

When Tom McLean offers a lift to a lovely young dancer, he has no idea of how dangerous the consequences will be.

The eccentric uncle of the dancer has developed a unique, environmentally friendly fuel source. Now he has disappeared and someone is after the secret and is willing to do anything to get it.

Within days, his casual contact with the girl brings Tom into a world where ruthless oligarchs and governments battle for control of a process that could free the planet from carbon fuel dependency and so change the economics of the entire world.

While Tom fights to keep the dancer and her uncle’s legacy safe, he is forced to ask just who he can trust. As the chase moves from rural Cheshire to the island of Menorca, Tom finds himself forced into actions he never could have contemplated.

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A Small Betrayal 5 starsGripping Read – I highly recommend it, 14 Mar 2012
By Owlbright “Owlbright” (England)
This review is from: A Small Betrayal (Kindle Edition)
This novel is really special. It is so well written and so very gripping too. It has great pace and after reading it I wanted to read it all over again. A must for all thriller fans.

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