New transparency laws for Spanish Government

What are your taxes spent on?

Mariano Rajoy’s ruling Partido Polular have announced new transparency laws for Spanish government.

The new policies will give Spanish residents full access to official documents and records, and will enforce open government policies within all public departments, in attempts to remove the secrecy from Spanish bureaucracy.

Rajoy himself explained that the new law will allow Spaniards to find out “who is spending their money,” and in cases where a person appears to be receiving favourable treatment from the government, or any public office, “their full names will be released” under the new rules.

Spain is commonly perceived as one of the least open governments in Europe, if not the world. Many countries allow members of the public to access details of public expenditure and policy, through Freedom of Information Requests and online facilities, as in the United Kingdom. Spain, however, has been cautious over providing the same level of access to Spaniards.