Spain’s Popular Party set to take Andalucía

The PP swept the board in November
Polls suggest a PP victory in Andalucía

With elections due in Andalucía this weekend opinion polls are suggesting Mariano Rajoy’s ruling Partido Popular (PP) is likely to take control.

If the party win in Andalucía they will control almost all of Spain’s 17 regions.

The poll, published in El Pais, showed the party taking 47.3% of the vote in the coastal region, which is the last remaining Socialist stronghold in Spain.

The socialist party has been losing popularity due to scandals over allegedly fraudulent severance payments from the public purse, and high unemployment figures which some blame on Zapatero’s previous Socialist government. The region of Andalucía has been under socialist rule for 30 years.

To gain control of the region the PP will require 55 seats for an absolute majority. A Sigma Dos poll, published in El Mundo, shows they currently expect to win between 54 and 57 seats.

Spain has been under pressure from EU officials to reduce its public deficit and unemployment rate, one of the highest in Europe, and has introduced unpopular labour reforms and austerity measures which some feel could cost them the vote.

We’ll see on Sunday when the polls open!