Spanish Legal Property Information

Spanish Legal Property Information | The Pocket GuideStarting next week, and thanks to Perez Legal Group, I will be bringing you a series of articles detailing all you need to know before you buy or sell a property in Spain.

The first section, Purchasing a resale property in Spain, will be available on Monday and will cover the following:

  • Costs of purchasing
  • Appointing a legal representative
  • Power of attorney
  • Deciding on a property
  • The private purchase contract
  • Mortgages
  • Due diligence
  • The title deed and registration
  • Property values

There will be eight articles, one per day (not including weekends). Here is the full list:

  1. Purchasing a Resale property in Spain
  2. Purchasing a New property off-plan
  3. Selling your property
  4. Annual property and income taxes
  5. Tax advantages for residents
  6. Registration in your town hall (Empadronamiento)
  7. Spanish wills and inheritance tax
  8. Spanish bank accounts

Buying or selling a property can be daunting wherever you are. Here in Spain it can be very complicated and it is always advisable to appoint a legal representative to help you.

However, this series aims to bring you as much information as possible to make your sale or purchase slightly less painful and to prepare you for what may be a long process.

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Thanks to Perez Legal Group for the information.

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