High speed rail link for the Costa

Following uncertainty over the route of the track it is now likely that Malaga will be a stop on the new high-speed rail line.

The line is expected to run the entire length of the coast from Algerciras to Barcelona, and on into France. However, under the original plans Malaga was to be by-passed which resulted in anger and disappointment for local people and businesses.

The update came last week as revisions to the original plan were announced by the Public Works Minister Ana Pastor.

Zapatero’s socialist government announced in October that the line would run inland to Bobadilla with a link to Sevilla. It would then continue on to Antequera and Granada, and return to the coast at Almería, missing out Malaga completely.

However, Mariano Rajoy’s Partido Popular party have changed the plans and the route will now follow the coastline for almost the entire journey to the north-east. Ms. Pastor explained that the plan is not only to encourage passenger travel between Algeciras and Almería, via Málaga and Motril, but also to allow the easy transport of container freight by rail across Europe.

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