Expat homeowners march in Sevilla

Andalucia Day (Tuesday) in Sevilla saw property pressure groups from Almeria and Malaga join forces to call for changes to the planning laws of Andalucía and to reject the recent decree to regularise properties built on non-urban land.

Some 300 members of SOHA (Save Our Homes Axarquia) and AUAN (Abusos Urbanisticos Almanzora No) met at the headquarters of the Popular Party (PP) in Sevilla, and were joined by the PP spokesperson on planning in Andalucía, Alicia Martínez Martin.

The groups represent foreign homeowners who are experiencing problems with the legality of their homes, some of which are likely to be demolished. Some 250,000 properties across Andalucía are though to have been built illegally.

AUAN president, Maura Hillen, said “It is one of the few occasions on which we felt that we were being listened to and understood, apart from Izquierda Unida who have also been receptive to our concerns.”

“I just hope that the good intentions of the PP are put into practice,” Hillen added.


One thought on “Expat homeowners march in Sevilla

  1. DQ

    Let me get this straight; Spain is in a recession, they have a very high unemployment rate, need foreign investors, need money, need money, need money.

    So… we are going to demolish foreign and domestic homes? I’d think working in bringing IN and keeping foreign investors would be key to helping with the deficit that these politicians built for themselves — THEY need THEIR jobs taken away, and perhaps homes demolished — sometimes some folks have to live it themselves to make it a reality… or they never actually understand it, how it affects people… they just “don’t get it” because it doesn’t touch them personally…

    Really…. what sad little minds would seek to demolish any home right now at this time on this planet??? 😦


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