Guest Posts

Do you have something to say about the real-estate market in Spain, Spanish Politics or the state of Europe?

I am currently accepting Guest Post submissions in an attempt to bring more content and some diversity to my blog.

I will accept articles of more than 400 words as long as they are relevant to this blog. They must be related to the real-estate market, or generally about Spain – economy, unemployment etc.

I reserve the right not to publish submissions if I feel they are too opinionated and not factual or if they are not related to Spain or real-estate.

I will of course attribute posts to you and will allow two links; one in the body and one in your author bio.

NB: Some of the stuff I’ve received has been utter rubbish. Zero research, inaccurate facts and figures, auto-generated text, out of date etc, from people claiming to be professional writers. If you can’t be bothered trying, I can’t be bothered publishing. Please only send me quality, accurate, relevant, factual writing.

Send your stuff to

I look forward to reading your articles.