Decree takes effect tomorrow (March 1st)

The new regularisation decree, designed to help thousands of families living in “irregular” properties, will come into effect tomorrow, March 1st.

The Junta de Andalucía hope to have the situation clarified for all properties on undeveloped land within three months.

Speaking in Málaga last week, Gloria Vega, Secretary General for Planning, said that within that three month period it is hoped that the Junta will have started all relevant proceedings.

The decree was approved last month with the objective of regularising up to 250,000 illegal properties across Ancalucía. Vega was in Málaga to discuss the decree and advise the local authorities.

She said the junta did not intend to make it possible for anyone to build anything anywhere, but to help families who bought a property in good faith and fell to the unscrupulous developers and officials. Vega added that there are some properties that, although made legal under the new decree, would have usage restrictions in place, because the decree cannot modify the legality of some constructions, she explained.

Following questions regarding the regional elections in March, Vega said that in the three months from March 1st, all of the 50,000 irregular properties in Málaga could have their status confirmed, but she would not comment on what would happen if there was a new regional government in place.

Vega also made it clear that any costs incurred in the regularisation process would in no way be paid by the town hall and all costs would have to be met by the property owners.


One thought on “Decree takes effect tomorrow (March 1st)

  1. DQ

    So does this mean that British couple who had their home demolished will be reimbursed???? Vega is wrong when she says the town hall would have no costs in this — the town hall is who demolished this home! I would like to know what is happening with that particular case. THAT case needs to be put in front of Vega while she’s speaking to a group of people.

    Seems to me it’s the town hall that has been corrupt and taking people’s good faith money!


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