Spain weighs in on Scotland independence

Spain’s Foreign Minister Jose Manuel Garcia-Margallo has stuck his two-pennies in on the subject of Scotland’s independence.

Sr. Garcia-Margallo said his government would “have nothing to say” on the matter of Scotlands independence adding that the constitutional arrangements of the UK nations “is their own business”.

The SNP has welcomed the comments as further evidence that an independent Scotland would remain a member of the EU.

Some critics had recently been stoking the fire under Scotland saying that Spain may veto the Scots EU membership amid worries that it may encourages separatism in Spain, a subject that has long caused tension between some autonomous regions.

Speaking in London following the Somalia conference, Sr. Garcia-Margallo said “If the two parts of the United Kingdom are in agreement that it is in accord with their constitutional arrangement, written or unwritten, Spain would have nothing to say. We would simply maintain that it does not affect us.”

I don’t think it’ll ever happen. An independent Scotland wouldn’t be able to survive without cash from London. We’ll see!