Cameron tells Rajoy Gibraltar will decide

David Cameron and Mariano Rajoy
Cameron and Rajoy outside Number 10

Spanish Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy has made his first official visit to England since winning the election in November and was told that Britain will not negotiate with Spain on the question of sovereignty over Gibraltar without the approval of it’s residents.

Speaking at a joint press conference with Cameron, Rajoy said “We have spoken about Gibraltar and the foreign ministers will continue talking in the future. We have different positions, but we will keep talking.”

However, Mr Cameron was less ambiguous in his comments stating that the British position on the subject “has not changed”. Cameron is in favour of letting the Gibraltarians decide who governs them and will not enter into talks with Spain without approval from the islanders.

In 2002 the rocks residents overwhelmingly rejected a proposal which would have seen Britain and Spain sharing sovereignty over the island.

Zapateros socialist government had put the sovereignty talks to one side preferring to pursue efforts to benefit people on both sides of the Spain-Gibraltar border. The tripartite agreement included the UK, Spain and Gibraltar but Madrid have now rejected it in favour of quadripartite talks.

Other issues discussed by the leaders included Spain’s drastic labour reforms and budget cuts, implemented under recommendation from the EU, which brought 1.5 million people on to the streets on Sunday to protest.

4 thoughts on “Cameron tells Rajoy Gibraltar will decide

  1. DQ

    OMG these two supreme jackasses seriously need to move on, and work on THEIR OWN PROBLEMS!

    Leave Gibralter alone!!!

    Both Spain and the UK are a huge mess! Who would want either of them to take control of another country to screw that one up??!!!

    How dare they EVEN speak or think of Gibralter while their own people are hungry, homeless, and in despair!!!



      1. Agreed. They were asked previously if they wanted Spanish rule and they said no. Unless the Gibraltarians approach the subject themselves it should be left alone. It’s not for Spain or the UK to decide.

        Also, so long as Spain hold onto Ceuta and Melilla, in North Africa, they really have no room to call the English “colonialists”

      2. DQ

        I am under the impression they don’t want British nor Spanish rule — they want to stay unto themselves — or am I mistaken on that?

        “…Britain will not negotiate with Spain on the question of sovereignty over Gibraltar without the approval of it’s residents.”

        Are they under the protection of Britain but sovereign? I might need to do a bit of research to be totally up on Gibralter’s actual deal 😉


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