Queues for IBI reduction

A few months ago the local authority announced that it would subsidise between 1.5 and 10 percent of the Impuesto de Bienes Inmuebles (IBI) to relieve the effects of an increase resulting from the central governments revision of the cadastral values. These values, used to calculate the IBI had not been updated for more than 20 years.

Last week, despite having two months to apply for the subsidy it seemed that most of Marbella decided to turn up at the town hall on the same day.

Queues snaked around the office as people waited to apply for a discount on this years IBI bill.

“I’ve no idea when the deadline is but this morning I heard the town hall was going to subsidise the IBI bill and I came straight here”, said one property owner.

Under the new urban development plan (PGOU) a house valued under 100,000 will be eligible for a discount of 10%. A property valued over 300,000 would receive a smaller reduction of 1.5%. The only requirement for home owners to receive the subsidy is that they must be registered on the local population register (padrñon) which the town hall hopes will encourage more people to register. This will mean the town will be entitled to more funding from central government.

Municipal workers were surprised to see so many people arriving in the town hall. “People have found out by word of mouth and that is why the majority don’t know they have two months to apply”, said one member of staff.

Residents have until March 31st to apply for the subsidy and can apply at offices in Marbella or San Pedro, which are open in the morning and the afternoon.