Hope for illegal homes

The Junta has announced plans to regulate up to 250,000 illegal properties within Andalucia by May this year.

The decree, passed in January, will come into force at the end of February and town halls will then be able to immediately implement changes with the process taking around three months.

At a conference in Malaga this week Gloria Vega, Secretary General  of Territorial and Spatial Planning, explained the process to town hall officials “with the objective of applying the same criteria across the whole of Andalucía”.

Many thousands of illegal properties in Almeria and the Axarquia will benefit from the decree. However, it is thought that only around ten percent of similar properties in Andalucía will benefit.

It is suggested that most properties will be “recognised” by town halls following the changes which will entitle them to connect to services such as water and electricity while around ten percent of properties will not be recognised and will be subject to demolition.