Spain “seen as safe investment”

Spain's beaches attract investors

Despite the continuing crisis and much negative press buying a property in Spain is still considered to be a wise move by some experts.

A Place In The Sun editor, Liz Rowlinson, said there has been a noticeable shift back to countries like Spain and other established markets as they are seen as a safer investment than other emerging markets.

Ms Rowlinson went on to say that Spain is currently one of the best places to buy as prices have fallen “so much that it’s now within people’s budgets”.

“[Spain] still offers all the things that make it our favourite holiday destination”, she explained citing amenities such as golf courses and beaches, as well as the climate as the main reasons Spanish property remains popular.

Also in the last few days Robin Haynes of Currency Index noted that British buyers considering purchasing real estate in Spain could now take advantage of the strength of the pound against the euro. He explained that investors could get up to eight per cent more for their cash when buying euros, compared with July 2011.