Shameful, in this time of austerity

Leire Pajin

While we all cut back, try to save money, watch our salaries freeze and our cost of living increase, it’s nice to see some people are doing well.

According to reports, Leire Pajin, former Minister of Health, Equality and Social Policy in Zapatero’s socialist government, now holds the office of Senator and seems to be every so slightly overpaid.

Under the agreement reached between the PSOE and the PP, Ms. Pajín enjoys what is called a “more-than-sustainable” salary.

Each month, Pajin is paid as follows:

  • Salary as a Senator – 5,500 € / month
  • Salary as secretary of PSOE – 6,500 € / month
  • Salary as former Secretary of State – 7,000 € / month
  • Extras (?) – 1,800 € / month
  • TOTAL –  20,800 € / month
  • Annual Salary –  291,200 €

I wonder what she actually does to justify this shameful salary. I can’t imagine she does much more than sign a few papers, send a few emails and call a few people – that seems to be what most government officials do. She may, like Marbella Mayor Angeles Muñoz, create a few “committees”, overpaid from the public coffers to do little more than chat about things (I refer to Muñoz’s suggestion that a committee needs to be formed to oversee the finishing touches on the new San Pedro road layout – how much will that cost?).

And so, during the economic crisis in Spain, with more than 5 million people out of work, thousands of people losing their homes, with hundreds of thousands of workers on the minimum wage of €641.40 per month (€ 8,979.60 per year) and over 8 million people reportedly on the poverty line, is this public service for the common good, or is this still the Spain of legal corruption?

Source: El salario de Leire Pajín