Junta ‘committed’ to expansion of Benalmádena marina

Benalmadena marina
Marina will be "largest" in Andalucía

Following plans to expand Puerto de la Bajadilla in Marbella, the Junta de Andalucía has confirmed that it is committed to  expand the marina in Benalmádena, making it the largest in Andalucía.

The head of the Junta’s Public Ports Agency (APPA), Sergio Moreno, said the marina will become “the finest facility of its kind … in the region of Andalucía.”

The plans for this expansion were first presented over 10 years ago but the plan was repeatedly postponed due to planning issues and changes to the plans.

In 2011 Enrique Moya, who was then the mayor, agreed that the original environmental impact study would be reviewed and re-approved without having to carry out a new study. The study was originally approved by the Junta in 2002 but expired in 2006.

The new marina will cover an additional 38 hectares offshore, and the creation of a new 26,000 square metre dock will create space for 19,000 square metres of buildings including shops and leisure facilities. 825 new berths will be added making it the largest marina in Andalucía.

There are now six months for final plans to be drawn up and once approved the project will be put out for public tender.

The Town Hall was also granted another 30 years concession on the marina, which it has held since 1972.


2 thoughts on “Junta ‘committed’ to expansion of Benalmádena marina

  1. DQ

    Well, I guess it will bring some jobs, but I’m just not sure about the dredging affects and the beaches…. I would hate to see the beaches erode on this issue… I know they say they will add sand to the beaches but you know, you don’t mess with Mother Nature… 🙂 DQ

  2. The problem Spain seems to have lately is thinking that making something bigger also makes it better, which is usually not the case. If truth be told, Benalmadena is a bit of a dump – very little in the way of quality entertainment. The money would be better spent on improvements rather than expansions.

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