Will restrictions on NIE numbers slow investment?

The Secretariat of Labour and Immigration has ruled that the obligatory NIE number can no longer be applied for by representatives with power of attorney meaning personal attendance is required.

This means anyone wishing to buy a property in Spain will have to arrive at the police station at 7am, wait in the queue for hours, go to a bank to pay the fee, and then return to the police station to apply for the number.

This will be required for anyone wishing to buy a property, set up a business, sign up for employment and many other legal matters.

Antonio Flores, from legal firm Lawbird, says that in Madrid you can expect a 3 month wait for an appointment to apply for the NIE.

Some Spanish Consulates are being used to speed up the process of applications and return an NIE number within 5 working days (RD 557/2011). As part of cost-cutting many consulates have been closed so you will have to find one first.

Flores thinks that this will stop many investors from coming to Spain. The big investors that Spain needs to attract are not going to willingly queue up outside the police station and wait hours for a number. They will take their investment to another, more accommodating country, with less red tape. This is another strange decision by the Spanish authorities at a time when they are actively looking for an increase in foreign investment.

Recently there were rumours that Russian prime minister Vladimir Putin was looking to buy a property in Marbella. Would he have to wait outside the police station on a cold, dark morning?

5 thoughts on “Will restrictions on NIE numbers slow investment?

  1. DQ

    I’m not sure if I totally comprehend what I just read (laughing) and, I’m not sure I really want to!

    Yep, I can sure see Putin standing outside a police station for hours…. ok, so do they want us to help or not? I’m not standing outside a police station in line, I can tell you that much. My time is much more valuable than that.

    We have many new ideas for new businesses and opportunities that would employ, house, and feed the people of Spain. So if the rulers of Spain don’t want us to do that, and they don’t want to help us speed that process along, then something is definitely wrong….

    So seems like something is up… let’s wait for the next chapter of the continuing saga of “how to ruin a country.”

    We know and they know, that there are foreigners out there with millions and billions of dollars who want to help and invest in Spain, so these “decision makers” who are seeking to impede the process need to go. Out with those who do not have the right mindset, and in with those who understand what needs to be done — long lines for anything are not the answer…. not at the police station and not at the unemployment office! DQ

  2. The problem is, this is a new government – they were only elected in November – we haven’t even had six months of them yet!

    Spain has had years of socialist rule and this new conservative government was hailed as the “new Spain”. Unfortunately, new Spain seems to mean unemployed and bankrupt.

    1. DQ

      Hmmmm…. sounds just like another one… Obama and his “change” !!! So far the “obamination” has moved quickly to continue the destruction of the once powerful USA…

      “The more things change, the more they stay the same.”

      I think none of these so-called leaders have learned from history…. 😦 DQ

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