GDP registered a fourth quarter increase

INEThe Instituto Nacional de Estadística (National Statistics Institute) have released an advanced estimate of the quarterly national accounts.

The report shows that during the fourth quarter of 2011 GDP generated by the Spanish economy registered a real increase of 0.3%, compared with the same period of the previous year.

Although Q4 showed a decrease in domestic demand, this was partly compensated by the increase in foreign demand that grew as compared with the previous quarter.

The quarter-on-quarter GDP growth was -0.3%, as compared with 0.0% for the previous quarter.

By temporary aggregation of the four quarters, the real growth in GDP in the whole of the year 2011 was estimated at 0.7%.

Although this advanced estimate uses the same methodology as that employed in the compilation of the complete estimate, these figures are provided only as a guideline.

The INE will publish the complete tables and charts of the Spanish Quarterly National Accounts for the Fourth quarter of 2011, on 16 February.

You can download the INE report here: Advance Estimate of the Quarterly National Accounts.