MacAnthony does have a case to answer

MacAnthony Case
A small group of protesters outside court

Yesterday, 51 British expats, from England and the Republic of Ireland, attended a Marbella court at the request of the judge to ratify their lawsuit against Darragh MacAnthony.

The football chairman and his former chief executives Michael Liggan and Dominic Pickering, are accused of “theft by swindle and misappropriation of funds” amounting to 600,000€.

The claimants say they gave various amounts of money over to MRI Overseas for furniture packages for properties purchased through MacAnthony’s business but the furniture failed to appear.

The Spanish judge has considered the facts and decided that the three men accused do have a case to answer.

There was a small protest outside the court in which around 40 former MRI clients who had been affected by the case held placards and demanded action against the millionaire businessman.

In 2008, as a result of the many complaints against MRI, a tribunal was held by the National Federation of Property Professionals who were said to be “appalled to hear of the company’s misleading business practices”.  The tribunal resulted in fines of £5,000 and Darragh MacAnthony was forced to withdraw his membership of the Federation.

There must be days in Darragh’s life when he wishes he’d played it straight and by the book. How much easier his life would be today.

3 thoughts on “MacAnthony does have a case to answer

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  2. DQ

    I guess I am missing something here….. if these folks paid for furniture, why doesn’t he just send them what they paid for and avoid all this bad publicity??? Something here isn’t adding up — the guy is allegedly a millionaire? And he’s screwing around over 600,000 worth of furniture??? DQ

  3. This isn’t the first time MacAnthony has been accused of fraud. His company MRI Overseas has been folded, although the details are sketchy. The company is now in the hands of an administrator – an 80 year old man in Peru. MRI mis-sold properties to people in Bulgaria, Spain and probably other countries too. Many people bought off-plan properties that never appeared. His wasn’t the only company on the Costa del Sol to do this but it was the biggest. As a result, many people would love to see him behind bars. Many people lost their life savings via MacAnthony. Allegedly. A quick google search for “MacAnthony Scams” will tell you more. Or have a quick look here:

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