Malaya corruption case continues

Rafael ‘Sandokan’ Gomez
The tears flowed in court

The Malaya Corruption case is continuing this week accusing three businessmen of paying bribes to Juan Antonio Roca for the granting of licences.

Yesterday, Cordoba based developer Rafael Gomez (pic) concluded his statement while managing to remain calm in the dock. Last week he twice broke down in tears whilst being questioned.

He insisted that he did not pay any bribes to Roca and painted himself as a victim saying the Malaya case had affected him “more than most as I am a public person” adding that the case had caused him enormous damage.

“I have been accused in the media of being corrupt eight to ten thousand times”, he said.

Gomez is charged with making two payments to Roca in 2004 totalling 600,500€ for the renovation of the headquarters of Arenal 2000, in Marbella, and to open a local access from the promenade.

The prosecution are asking for an 18 month custodial sentence and a fine of 1.2 million euros.

Yesterday, Gomez once again denied the charges and even said that he was not worried by paperwork, it was a minor issue, and that his company had “many important projects and obligations” adding that there were people employed to arrange licences and it was not his responsibility.

Another defendant, Aifos boss Jesus Ruiz Casado, categorically denied that he or his company had paid money to Roca to secure licenses but later changed his mind. He then confirmed that he had indeed made payments to the former planning boss.

The trial continues.