We are Andalucías greatest host, apparently.

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Andalucia's campaign is launched

The Junta de Andalucia is launching a new advertising campaign to attract tourists to the region.

As part of the 380,000 euro campaign entitled “El mejor anfitrión de Andalucía eres tú” (You are Andalucía’s greatest host), heads of tourism are calling on residents to promote the area as a favourite tourist destination. Spain was recently highlighted as the number one destination for European holiday makers (source: SkyScanner.com).

The campaign, launched this week, will run until February 5th and will include television and radio ads, along with billboards and internet advertising – a Facebook page will be launched on January 23rd to allow people to recommend local attractions or places of interest with prizes awarded to the most popular recommendations. The warmth and hospitality of the coastal area is well known and it is this welcoming attitude that the Junta wish to take advantage of, and to remind locals of the value tourism brings to the area.

The Junta’s tourism councillor, Luciano Alonso, said “No one can sing the praises [of Andalucía] as enthusiastically as someone who lives here”.

This new campaign, in part inspired by the “Andalucía es tu casa” (Andalucia is your home) campaign which ran a few years ago, also aims to remind residents of the possibilities for a ‘staycation’ on the coast.

Sr Luciano went on to say that in Andalucía “we are all tourism”, and he stressed the importance of the tourism industry which represents more than 10% of the regional GDP.

“This campaign invites all citizens to join in promoting the region, putting thousands of voices and faces to the image of Andalucía,” he said.

I have lived here for almost eight years now and I haven’t been “on holiday” in all that time. Why would I? Here, I have the sun, the beach, warm Mediterranean Sea, great food, great sights, and great people. Marbella attracts millions of visitors each year and I really don’t think the Junta, at a time of severe austerity, need to be spending this money. Tourists will still come without it, they always have and they always will.