Unemployed may avoid eviction

The United Left has proposed an initiative asking the government to “urgently regulate” measures to guarantee the constitutional right to housing for unemployed people, including the “immediate suspension” of the execution of embargoes affecting the main residence of people who can no longer meet their mortgage repayments.

The initiative also proposes to set a moratorium of at least one month for any embargoes currently being executed to allow the debtor the chance to report any “abusive conditions” that may exist in the terms of their mortgage contracts.

It also advocates the recognition of the right of the resident to use the property for a minimum period of five years, pursuant to the Urban Lease Act. This will involve the establishment of a lease fee to be agreed between the parties which shall not exceed one third of the total household income.

There is also a call for the establishment of an advisory and arbitration team in consumer administrations and municipalities to ensure adequate information regarding the terms of mortgages, to arbitrate disputes or to advise in the  fixing of lease fees.