Lazy real-estate agents

Here on the Costa del Sol there are a few software options that facilitate collaboration between agents.

The aim of these systems is to provide a central resource for real-estate agents to store their property info and client details. This allows member agents to access more property than they otherwise could. If Agent A has a client wanting to view a property that Agent B is listing then they can communicate through the system and help each other out.

However, even with this system in place to help some agents just don’t seem interested in selling.

At least three times each day I receive an email from a member of the system we use (I wont say which one we use, it may be unfair to the other) saying that they are in desperate need of a property that fits their clients criteria. “Our client is here NOW and is a cash buyer”, they proclaim.

If that was my client I would be desperate to find the right property for them and close the deal – I would trawl through the multi-agent system, search the web, make some calls etc.

It seems, however, that some agents are more interested in delegating their property search to others. “Desperate for a 4 bed villa in Puerto Banus”, reads another message. So look for one then! You have access to the same database as I do! Don’t send me an email asking me to search through the database for a property for you when you can do it yourself? Do you think I have time to do your job for you?

Long gone are the days when clients would walk into your office with a bag full of cash. Also gone are the days when buyers would want ten units in a luxury development. Selling one property is hard enough these days!

Effort. You need to put in some effort to close deals. In the  current environment where property buyers are scarce it seems crazy to me that agents are shying away from work and asking others to do it for them. Do they think buyers will just fall into their laps?


One thought on “Lazy real-estate agents

  1. knight 19


    Totally agree!!

    How many of these so called “agents “, really care about peoples lives? Not only disregarding other fellow agents hard work and dedication.
    Do not forget we are a stone throw away from the “ABYSS” Easy come´s easy goes!!

    Do agree in certain ways with the profet Mohamed, If you want to get to the summit of a mountain one needs to contemplate what lies ahead, don´t expect the summit to come to you!!

    Knight 19

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