Decree approved to ‘regularise’ property

Junta de AndaluciaOn Tuesday the Junta de Andalucia approved a decree to legalise thousands of properties that have been built on rural land across Andalucia but it has been branded as “disappointing”.

Property rights groups said the decree was a political ploy by the Junta intended to secure votes at the regional elections and warned property owners not to be “dazzled”  by the decree.

Across Andalucia the Junta estimates there to be 250,000 homes that were built illegally on rural land and which could benefit from the decree. However, the Junta admits that it does not have a complete census of all properties affected.

Housing and Public works minister Josefina Cruz Villalon estimates that from every 10 properties built illegally “one will be legalised, eight will be recognised legally… and one in 10 will have to be demolished.”

Gary Miles from action group SOHA (Save Our Homes Axarquia) said before the decree was passed that “The PP (Popular Party) have already indicated that they would redraft [the decree] if they win the local elections in March. This would make the decree meaningless.”

He went on to say that regardless of who wins the local elections “We expect the next regional government to sort the problem out boldly and swiftly for everybody, so that we expats can start, once again, helping the Spanish economy grow.”


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