Spain is “most searched for” destination

This is according to SkyScanner who have released figures showing Spain is still the number one choice for British tourists.

In the list of top searched for countries from the UK,  Spain came out on top with the USA in second position. The top searched for cities and resorts list showed Malaga first followed by Alicante in second place and Tenerife in third proving that Spain has retained it’s position as the most popular tourist destination despite poor publicity surrounding the state of the economy.

In 2011 Spain came out on top of the Post Office Holiday Costs Barometer. The report looks at the overall cost of holidays by comparing 10 key items in 14 holiday resorts and it proved that Spain is Europe’s best-value destination, with prices at a four-year low.

The report suggest some of the reasons for Spain’s popularity are the high number of package holidays available from the UK, the large British expat community of more than one million and on-the-ground holiday costs remaining low for a fourth consecutive year. These are all points that have shown to be consistent in Spain and should all ensure top spot for a number of years to come.

Spain was also the most searched for destination in Germany, Sweden and Spain.

You can read SkyScanners full report here


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  1. Ivan, rates on new property were dropped to 4% late last year in a temporary measure intended to sell some of the thousands of new properties sitting empty. The new PM, Rajoy, said he would consider leaving it at 4% but it is now likely to return to 8%.

    There is also a “transfer tax” on resale properties that is based on the value of the property although the valuation is often many years out-of-date –

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