Holiday makers want more than just a break

Flamenco dancers
Spanish culture attracts tourists

Many people buy a property in Spain with the intention of renting it out to holiday makers and while this market is staying afloat it is changing and property owners need to adapt.

This is the opinion of the founder of Campaya Holiday Rentals, Claus Pedersen. He claims that many properties in Spain are set up for tourists who want a standard two-week holiday on the coast, but he added that travellers’ priorities are changing.

He commented that catering for the rental market “may not be enough to make your property stand out and attract the more niche-minded tourist”.

Campaya noted that cultural tourism is on the increase with many travellers more keen than ever to learn about the area in which they are staying and to have a more authentic or traditional experience.

The organisation has advised anyone considering purchasing a property to let in Spain to try and cater for more than just one demographic.

With so many properties for rent on the coast it is important to remember that if you’re property isn’t exactly right, the holiday maker will have a huge choice of other properties that may be. If you want your rental property to be rented then it must be attractive for the holiday maker – not just in terms of size but location, facilities and of course price.