The Smurf town stays!

Pueblo Pitufo
The Smurf town stays!

Residents of Spanish town Juzcar went to the polls on Sunday to decide if the town should remain blue or return to the traditional white.

The town, dubbed the worlds first Smurf town, was painted blue earlier this year after Sony Pictures decided to use the town as a filming location for the Smurfs 3D movie. Sony executives visited the town and unveiled a plaque making the Smurf town official.

Of those eligible to vote just over 73% attended with an overwhelming majority choosing to remain blue. There were 143 votes in favour and 33 votes to return to white. Further votes are expected to arrive by post but not enough to change the outcome.

Officials estimate the colour has attracted 80,000 more visitors than usual prompting several new businesses to open in the town as well as more people registering as self-employed. According to Mayor David Fernandez other nearby towns are also reaping the benefits. “When the restaurants are full, visitors go to nearby towns to eat.”, he said.

One resident who voted in favour of keeping the colour added that “before the town really was blue in the sense that it was empty and sad. Now it’s buzzing with activity all the time”.

Not everyone is happy about the result though. Pedro Antonio said “The town has always been white and should go back to being so.”