Preparations for La Bajadilla expansion

Puerto de la Bajadilla
Puerto de la Bajadilla

The Junta de Andalucía announced plans yesterday to accept bids for the dredging of the entrance to Marbella’s port, La Bajadilla, in preparation for the planned expansion of the marina by Sheikh Abdullah Bin Nasir Al Thani, chairman of Malaga football club.

The project, put out to tender and expected to cost around 411,000 euros, will ensure the safety of vessels accessing the marina. To do this, according to experts, there must be a minimum depth of 4.5 meters at the mouth of the harbor. The operation will require the removal of approximately 30,000 cubic meters of sand from the seabed.

“The drag caused by temporary land and sea currents can hinder access to the port,” said a spokesman for the regional government. The extracted sand will be used to regenerate some local beaches such as La Fontanilla or San Pedro district.

Companies wishing to bid for the project may do so until Jan. 16. Once the project is awarded the successful company will have three months to complete the works.