Junta to regulate illegal properties in Andalucia

The president of the Junta de Aldalucia, Jose Antonio Grinan, has announced plans to regulate thousands of properties in the region that were built illegally over recent years.

Although no promises were made Grinan, speaking in Torrox at the weekend, said the decree to legalise some of the properties that were built on land not licensed for development would “probably” be passed on January 10th.

“We are talking about legalising thousands and thousands of homes”, Grinan said adding “We must, therefore, be sure that this legalisation does not go against the public interest and is not harmful to the environment or the security of the people. Once this is confirmed, the decree will be approved.”

The number of illegal properties in Andalucia probably runs into the hundred thousands with an estimated 8,000 illegal properties in Mijas alone and a further 11,000 in the Axarquia area.