Smurf town set to vote

Juzcar Blue Houses
The blue buildings certainly stand out

Six months agao, to coincide with the release of the film The Smurfs 3D, the small town of Júzcar, in Malaga, painted its houses blue. Sony chose the small town for the films world premier prompting the change in colour.

This weekend the villagers will vote on whether to keep the blue scheme or return to the traditional white.

Since the colour appeared figures estimate the town has received 80,000 more tourists than usual and this may mean the blue stays.

The village will vote on Sunday with the results to follow a week later, on Friday 23rd.

When the blue was applied  the general director of  Sony España, Ivan Losada, unveiled a plaque in the village square declaring Júzcar the first Smurf village in the world.

The town hall has said they will pay for the paint, whatever colour is chosen.