Marbella’s Industrial estate to be relocated

As you drive into Marbella through the eastern arch you are greeted by La Ermita, Marbella’s industrial estate.

It has always been considered a bit of a blot on the landscape and not the first impression Marbella wants to present to it’s visitors.

Now the town hall have announced plans to relocate all the industrial units to the new La Serranía business park which will be built to the north of Marbella, behind the La Cañada shopping mall.

However, the town hall are keen to point out that this is not simply a case of lifting and moving the units and the scheme will not be completed quickly. The new business park must be completed before any demolition of the existing units can begin.

Currently the industrial estate, which covers 1.6 million square metres, consists of approximately 500 large industrial units  on the inland side of the road. The other side, beach front prime real estate, is lined with car dealerships and more industrial units.

When the move is completed the area will be turned into green zones along with new residential and commercial areas to make the towns entrance more appealing.

According to the town’s mayor, Ángeles Muñoz, this is the towns largest and most important redevelopment of urban areas, and will coincide with the redevelopment of Marbella’s marina, Puerto de la Bajadilla.

The mayor said “The next six years will see massive private investment in Marbella with capital coming from abroad.”