Ex councillor makes plea bargain

Isabel Garcia Marcos
Garcia Marcos fined

Ex Marbella councillor, Isabel García Marcos, had been facing a year in prison for a crime relating to town planning but thanks to a plea bargain with the prosecutor she now faces only a fine of 3,650€.

García Marcos will also be banned from holing any public office for ten years. She will, however, be allowed to continue in her job as a medical inspector for the SAS Andalucía Health Service.

The “political turncoat” used to be a member of the Socialist party which had called for a prison sentence to be handed down. García Marcos was well known in the 90’s for gaining denuncias (making a report to the police for an alleged crime) against the GIL party over their real-estate irregularities.

Judicial assessor Oliver Roales has criticised the plea bargains being accepted as the town hall had seen “a generalised situation of corruption”. Roales said that the guilty are guilty, no matter what political side they are on, and should be treated as such.