El Gordo offers 2 billion in prizes

el Gordo Lottery

The worlds biggest lottery El Gordo is coming soon and is promising to create many Christmas millionaires with prizes totalling more than 2 billion euros.

The draw, which will take place on December 22nd, offers a first prize of 4 million euros – and there are 180 first prizes on offer!

With 180 second prizes of 1.25 million and 350,000 third prizes of 1,000 euros there are sure to be many smiling faces as the draw is made.

The first prize is the highest amount ever offered and is 33% higher than that of last year and despite hardship and austerity measures in Spain the lottery is attracting huge sales.

2010 saw ticket sales of 2.7 billion euros, more than any other lottery in the world.

This years forecast expects to see ticket sales of 3.6 billion euros, of which 2.5 billion euros will be paid out in prizes.

If you want to play you can purchase your ticket from over 4,000 official kiosks around the country and also in a further 6,000 other outlets including newspaper shops and local bars.