Spanish Bank Holidays (and a musical bonus)

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It’s a bank holiday today so no news for you I’m afraid. All the Spanish, and me, are enjoying a lovely sunny day here in Marbella. There’s a beautiful clear blue sky and a nice cool breeze – perfect Costa weather and especially nice in December!

So, my son and his band have a new recording so in place of any negative economy news here it is for your listening pleasure!

You can also watch a live version, performed in Manchester city center earlier this year.

Back to normal service tomorrow but there is another bank holiday on Thursday so may not have anything for you then either. Spain does love a bank holiday!

In case you’re not aware, the Spanish have a different type of bank holiday to the UK. As well as the normal, national holidays they also celebrate bank holidays by region and also by town. For example, Andalucians enjoy 14 bank holidays each year. 10 National, 2 regional and 2 local. The local holidays usually fall on the day of the patron saint of the town. On the local holidays the town closes down as on any bank holiday but the neighboring towns are business as usual. This can be awkward when you live and work in different towns. At home you would be on holiday but the office is open. Do you go to work?


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