New toll threatens tourism

A-22 toll
New toll could threaten tourism

With it’s close proximity to Spain, Portugal is a popular destination for travellers on the Costa del Sol, and vice-versa. Just a quick trip over the bridge and you’re in the Algarve.

However, from December 8th a huge new toll of 77€ will be introduced for travellers crossing the A-22 motorway brigde.

The Portuguese government are introducing the toll in an attempt to raise funds. For a 90 day pass cars will pay 77€ and trucks 127€.

Local residents and business owners are to receive discounts with 10 free trips per month. Further trips will be chargeable but with a 15 per cent discount.

Opponents say the new toll is a major blow for tourism on both sides of the border and could threaten relations between the neighbouring countries. Many residents and business owners on the Portuguese side of the border have tagged the toll as “unjust” and claim the effect on tourism could cause irreversible damage to their businesses.

On the other side of the border Spanish residents in Huelva think the charge will create a barrier to economic development in Andalucia.