Darragh MacAnthony back in the dock

Darragh MacAnthony faces charges
Darragh MacAnthony faces charges

A court hearing is due to take place in January 2012 which will see property millionaire and chairman of Peterborough FC, Darragh MacAnthony back in court once more. This time he will face 51 expats who accuse him of failing to deliver over half a million euros of furniture.

The victims, from Britain and Ireland, will give evidence against MacAnthony in an investigation that could lead to charges of fraud.

Lawyer Antonio Flores, who’s firm Lawbird is representing the claimants, said “The claimants have been ordered to come to Spain as the judge wants to depose them, together.”

“It is an exceptional request and a special room to fit them all is going to have to be arranged.

“This is bad news for MacAnthony,” the lawyer said, adding “The next step is to see if he wishes to settle.”

The claim was initially filed in June, in Madrid and accuses MacAnthony, 35, of retaining 600,000 euros which his company had received as payment for furniture packages for homes bought in Bulgaria, Turkey and Morocco.

Joining MacAnthony in court are MRI’s former cheif executives Michale Liggan and Dominic Pickering. Together they face charges  for ‘theft by swindle and misappropriation of funds’.

They all deny the charges.

2 thoughts on “Darragh MacAnthony back in the dock

  1. yeah as if im gonna put my name in so darragh can have me shot.

    Its about time this guy got his just desserts, he enjoyed spending his clients and staffs money on nice cars, jets and houses. This guy is a full on criminal who isn’t afraid to use violence to protect his ill gotten gains. The other two are just as bad, [offensive content removed]. It is generally accepted that Darragh owes in the region of 56 million euros in owed commission and income tax.

  2. As above do you really think I want knee-capped.

    About time this man appeared in court. His activities have caused immeasurable damage around the world and damaged the real estate business in Spain, Bulgaria and Cyprus….. yet he caries on as if a film star and operates with impunity. It makes you wonder who he is paying to keep him out of court until now. His fathers history in Ireland may be a clue…..

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