Benalmadena bars re-open

Most of the bars that were closed by the town hall in Benalmadena marina last week have re-opened.

Los Brothers, Ice Bar, Mombasa and Monet have all reached an agreement with the authorities to allow them to continue to use their terraces. The agreement allows the terraces to be used until 3am on weekdays and 4am on weekends, providing they do not play music. They can continue to play music inside until 6am providing the doors remain closed.

After a two hour meeting on Wednesday the two bars that remain closed, La Ola and Maracas, failed to reach an agreement with the town hall after being told they could have either a café or a disco licence, but not both, due to the size of their premises.

The owners were told that if they were given both licences “residents would complain”. A café is only allowed to remain open until 2am and is not allowed to play music.

The owner of Maracas says he cannot operate as only a café as he would not be able to pay all of his staff’s social security. “For now I will just open as a disco” he said, adding “I am preparing technical reports that will prove that it is viable to operate under the two separate licences.”