Benalmadena bars closed

Over one hundred workers are worried they could lose their jobs after Benalmadena Council closed the bars that employ them.

The bars, in Benalmadena’s Puerto Marina, have been shut down for breaching a regional law which states that their license does not allow them to use street space as a terrace. Many bars in Benalmadena, and along the coast, use the street in front of their premises as an extension to the bar, serving food and drinks “al fresco”.

Complaints had been received from several residents about early morning noise from the terraces. In August the owners were asked to apply for the correct license or stop using the outdoor space.

Representatives from the Town Hall met with affected bar owners but a spokesman for the businesses said “nothing was resolved”.

For the time being the businesses must remain closed leaving staff unsure about the future of their jobs and bar owners without a clue as to when or if they may be able to resume trading.

Since Spain enforced the smoking ban in public spaces bar owners have struggled and they claim this closure could financially ruin them. Customers are not allowed to smoke inside so have to leave the bar and the terraces provide a space for them.

Bar owners claim this closure is “unfair” as they have been paying a yearly fee for using the terraces.


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